A Guide to Local Radio Stations – Jan 2019

Local radio stations do more than just play music. They can help you get tuned into local events, festivals, shows, and even deals. While streaming music has exploded over the past few years, local stations are still very helpful because they really do “keep it local” and provide Worcester residents with relevant information and perspective. Even if you don’t have an actual radio in your apartment, these stations are very popular with drivers. Plus, the iHeartRadio app broadcasts most local Worcester channels so its super easy to listen on the go on with an iPhone or Android device.

The Pike FM-100.1

The Pike, located right in downtown Worcester, is a classic rock station. You can expect to catch the Rolling Stones, ACDC, and Aerosmith on this channel. In addition to playing music, they also do a great job of highlighting the local music scene. Plus, they offer “sweet deals” which are discounts to local stores and restaurants (which is great for cash strapped college students) and frequently have contests where you can win music tickets. The Pike is available to stream on iHeartRadio and is also Alexa enabled.

XLO FM-104.5

Touted as having “New England’s best music variety” they broadcast a wide range of light rock, pop, easy listening, and some country. It is a good overall channel to meet a variety of musical moods and activities. This channel is also available on iHeartRadio and is Alexa enabled for live streaming.

Country FM-102.5

If you love country music, this is your channel. As an added bonus for listeners, they highlight local deals, have frequent promotions, and even hold contests to win local sports team tickets. There is also a “VIP” member area which gets you ticket pre-sales, access to exclusive contests, and additional insider music info. Country 102.5 is available on iHeartRadio and Alexa.


Located in the rural town of Paxton, AM 580 is one of the best in Worcester for news, traffic, and weather info. Primarily a talk radio station, discussions include a wide range of topics from politics to local entertainment. WTAG is available on iHeartRadio and the station is Alexa enabled for live streaming.

Looking for More?

If you want to expand your music options beyond just the free local stations check out these popular music services: Pandora, Spotify, SiruisXM and Slacker Radio. Most offer a free, ad-supported version and also a paid version which provides expanded music selections. Plan prices range from $4.99 to $29.99 per month. Check out the respective sites for more information.