5 Easy Ways to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

Reading at home

Moving into a new apartment is always a little disorienting  ̶  the boxes, the clutter, the new environment. Initially your new place may not feel like home but here are a few easy tips that can help make the new place, your own place.

Find a Place Where Everything Should Be

This tip isn’t about being overly organized or neat, rather it is all about feeling like your stuff actually belongs in the new apartment just like they tend to feel at home. Books? They are kept in the bookcase. Your jacket? That belongs behind the door. How about milk? That is in the fridge on the second shelf. Something as simple as a small bowl for your car keys near the front door can instantly help to establish a routine and make you feel more at home.

Get Some Plants 

Plants can help to instantly add warmth and life to any room. There’s nothing like fresh greens to perk up your new apartment. From a small boutique of flowers on the dining table to a small potted plant in the bathroom, plants are a super simple way to add style to your apartment. Plus, plants help to purify the air. A hot trend right now is simple to care for (and hard to kill) small potted cacti or succulent. You’d be amazed at the variety you can find at your local grocery store, big box store like Target or Walmart, or home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Make It Comfy

Pick up some plush throw pillows, blankets, or small area rugs to add warm touches to your bedroom or apartment. Especially in the winter, cozying up in a warm blanket and warm glass of tea or coffee can make any place feel like home.

Read More

VF Apartments are designed to be both functional and comfortable. Included comfy living room furnishings makes it a great way to do some reading, writing, and relaxing. Taking some time to chill out and read something you enjoy (not just class textbooks) will help you ease in and acclimate to your new surroundings. Read in different parts of the apartment, in your room, in the kitchen, in the living room… mix it up to discover where you are most comfortable.

Make the Space Your Own

Nothing personalizes a new space more than personal pictures and artwork. No need to make holes in the wall, instead, place pictures on your desk, dresser or counters. This is a great way to break out some sentimental pieces too – parents, pets, friends… put them on display! Have a particular piece of artwork that you love? Try putting it in the living room where everyone will see it when they walk into the apartment.