Food Costs – Save Money at Worcester’s Grocery Stores

Need to buy food? Well, you have no lack of options. There are numerous grocery store chains in Worcester such as Shaws, Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, Big Y, Aldi, and Price Rite. In addition, there are an increasing amount of retail stores, like Target and Walmart, that carry groceries now too. Plus, there are dozens of smaller neighborhood food stores dotted all across the city. One of the best is located right near WPI on Pleasant St., it’s called Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace. Be sure to check out their great selection of cheeses and homemade salad dressings! A few other great neighborhood food stores are Living Earth right off Park Ave and D’errico’s Market on Shrewsbury St.

Get Saving

  1. To save money, couponing is a great option. Plus, if you combine them with store sales, you can often save 20-60%. To find coupons, check the local newspapers (mostly the Sunday editions) or print your own from or Red Plum. If you don’t mind receiving a lot of emails, sign up online for weekly circulars from your favorite stores. Keep in mind, to be an effective couponer, it’s best to keep them organized AND have them with you when you shop.
  2. Sign up for loyalty programs. Each major (and some smaller) grocery store has some form of loyalty program where you can save on regularly priced items, get buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, or even “clip” digital coupons from their app. Ask at the customer service desk to get the rundown.
  3. Produce is very expensive and, unlike canned or frozen food, it has a very limited shelf life before it gets rotten. Be sure to shop smart and use what you buy! In general, Price Rite (on Southbridge St., and Goldstar Blvd.) and Aldi (in Lincoln Square on Lincoln St.) have the best prices on fresh produce in the city. Many veggies and fruits can be frozen too. So, if you haven’t had a chance to eat it, try putting it in a ziploc bag in the freezer instead of throwing it away.
  4. When you see a great deal on food you love, stock up! A good rule of thumb is to buy enough to get you to the next sale cycle, and sales traditionally run on 12-week cycles.  In other words, an item will be on sale approximately every three months, so plan and save accordingly.
  5. If you need to buy something that isn’t on sale, consider trying the generic brand. They are almost always cheaper and often just as good as the name brands.
  6. Bonus tip – besides grocery stores, keep an eye on the weekly sales circulars for local Worcester pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. They don’t carry fresh produce or offer the widest food selections, but each week there can be some amazing deals on things like beverages, snacks, nuts, and frozen foods.
  7. Every penny counts, so try and remember to bring your reusable grocery bags. Some stores deduct .05 per bag used, and you get to feel good about being green!