What’s New in Worcester? – Fall 2017 Update

Worcester sure has been busy this year. There is new construction going on all over the city, and a new official city website is coming soon. Worcester is trying to woo (pun intended) Amazon to open their second headquarters along Route 20, and the city has proudly welcomed the Worcester Railers, our new professional hockey team.

Hot Eats

Broth, a new restaurant that specializes in Asian ramen dishes with an American twist, just opened on Green St. It is a novel restaurant idea from the team at The Hangover Pub, which has become one of the hottest new restaurants in the city. They proudly feature unique ramen bowls such as Chicken Pot Pie, French Onion, Thanksgiving, New England clambake, and many more.

Is Amazon Potentially Coming to Worcester…

Is Amazon Coming to Worcester?

The answer is maybe. You see, Amazon is looking to build a new headquarters, and Worcester has put its hat in the ring. HQ2, which is what the new headquarters has been dubbed, is expected to cost about $5 billion to construct. It will create tens of thousands of jobs to build and operate the headquarters, and potentially spin-off tens of billions of dollars in additional investments in the surrounding community. Sounds awesome, right? Amazon did get 238 proposals from other cities and communities, so Worcester has a 1 in 238 chance. Not too shabby. Good luck Worcester!

Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center

Opening soon, the Worcester Ice Center is a state-of-the-art recreational facility offering two ice rinks, strength training, and Reliant Medical Group Physical Therapy centers, as well as a two-story restaurant, Nonna’s Kitchen and Nonna’s Café. Both are operated by the award-winning Niche Hospitality Group — and just minutes from downtown Worcester.

Professional Hockey is Back

Professional hockey is back in Worcester! Founded in 2016, the Worcester Railers Team replaces the Worcester Sharks, who relocated to San Jose from Worcester back in 2015. They just started their inaugural season a few weeks ago at the DCU Center. Fun and affordable, Railers tickets start at just $15 per person.

A New City of Worcester Website

The current City of Worcester website is pretty dated. It is not responsive, it is very text heavy, and  it is tough to navigate. Well, after two years of research and development, Worcester is finally close to launching their completely redesigned site. Right now, the pilot site is live and they hope to roll out the complete web site soon. It looks much nicer and will play nice on your phones and tablets. A major feature is that the new design will really highlight the city’s social and cultural events, new businesses and Worcester’s many colleges.